CAPC Program Calendars

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CAPC programs are currently running in Georgina, Markham and Vaughan.

CAPC programs are free and are offered in multiple mobile locations throughout York Region to eligible families with children ages 0 months to 6 years of age.

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Virtual Programs

CAPC offers virtual programs for children birth to age 6. Our virtual programs are live and interactive, using Zoom links and private Facebook groups. Children and their families can access programs and services without having to attend a CAPC program in person. Parents and Caregivers are encouraged to join in and engage with staff and one another while participating in interactive learning opportunities, songs, circle, stories, and activities.

At times, activity bags are often prepared and delivered to help your child’s participation in the program. (Where this is not possible, some items will require to be prepared prior to the program.) Upon registration, families will be notified advance by email, if materials are required.

Virtual programs offered vary according to age and type of programs.

Families can access our virtual programs by requesting to be a member of the following private Facebook groups.
Children Outside

4 Season Outdoor Programming

CAPC has been offering 4 Season Outdoor Programming since the spring of 2021. We have aimed to instill a love of nature in families and help to incorporate regular outdoor time into their day. We have extended our learning to the outdoors with educator-supported environmental inquiry. Families interact with the natural environment through games, walks, creative play, crafts, stories, and more.

Programs use the outdoors – the schoolyard, the community and adjacent park/wooded areas – as natural extensions of our indoor programs.

We are outdoors despite the weather, so please dress accordingly (in the event of extreme weather conditions, families will be contacted). We have a variety of season appropriate tools available to extend your child’s learning in an exploratory and inquiry-based way.

Outdoor programming is offered to easily allow for safe, physically distanced activities for children and families. Where programming is being offered in a shared setting (e.g., park), programs work in collaboration with the local Public Health unit to follow public health advice.