Through child-centered experiences we provide an atmosphere that encourages children to develop a positive self image using educational programs, literature and the exploration of play. Our programs focus on the individual needs of the child in a warm and positive atmosphere, as well as the needs of the group as a whole. We foster a sense of belonging to the Centre and the school, as well as the larger community in which the children live. Parents are encouraged to become involved in the various activities of the Centre to strengthen the relationship between the programs and the homes of the families served.


It is our philosophy that children’s behaviour is usually a reflection of their needs. If children feel good about themselves, their behaviour will mirror that. We adhere to a behaviour management policy that includes redirection, resolution and reasoning and logical/natural consequences. We believe children thrive in an atmosphere of encouragement and support. We do not use “time outs” or punitive measures such as corporal punishment, humiliation or isolation. We feel these measures (are unacceptable and often) increase a child’s feelings of resentment which in turn will inevitably result in more of the behaviours we are trying to avoid. Staff will be required to adhere to our behaviour management policy.  While we respect a range of parenting strategies, we require that you respect our policies while in the Centre. The management of challenging behaviours is the responsibility of both staff and parents.  Every effort will be made to keep you constantly aware of any difficulties or changes in behaviours.  Parents will be expected to work with the staff and their child towards manageable solutions to the issues. Our Agency has been involved in parent education and support and provides reading lists or courses for interested parents.