Child Care Centres

“We truly appreciate your kindness and the love you share with our kids daily.”

“It takes a very special person to openly love and nurture each child’s individuality while teaching them about acceptance of each other’s differences.”

“As parents, we have great peace of mind that we can leave our child with people who are doing such an important job and are helping to mould his character and mind for the future in such a positive way.”

EarlyON Child and Family Centre

“I like to come here because the activities are very helpful. My daughter came here through a suggestion of the Beyond Words professional. The centre and the staff helped me with tips, especially when she entered JK. I love this centre and I always come with my three kids”

“It’s given us a shared experience that we can both relate to. It gives us a feeling of structure and routine in the week, and has taught us songs and dance that we use almost everyday”

“My husband was the one who brought our children to the program. The staff were WONDERFUL and made him feel confident and comfortable as a male in a pre-dominant class of women. We learned a lot of songs through programs that we use at home. Having the centre open on weekends is perfect for us!”